Climate Beetle

Climate is Changing. Trees are Dying. investments are vanishing.
can we win this? Yes!

the SOLUTION to the "beetle problem" is easy

Enjoy our 15-minute film. What do you think?

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the key is managing forests for tree health.

This film is a story of the spruce bark beetle outbreak in Europe, and what we have learned from it. The beetle has taught us that dense monocultures traditionally planted to maximize yield became a risky investment strategy. We present the voices of forest  owners from different backgrounds who have come to the same conclusion: as our climate changes, we need to adapt our forests to it. For nature and for profits.

DO YOU MANAGE FORESTS? here is our message to you:

Look back half a century, and recall the conditions in which today’s forest was born. Normal temperature, regular rain, low pest pressure.

Now look half a century into the future.

"It's NOT a Beetle Problem."

“It’s almost always a tree problem. Let’s not view the beetle as the cause, but as a symptom of poor tree health.”

– Dr. Jiri Hulcr (Beetle Expert)

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About the Films

This project was produced in 2021 in Europe to showcase the impact of silviculture and climate on forests today, and to record personal stories of foresters who manage forests for the future under changing climate. The main lesson is relevant to forest health around the world – the beetle apocalypse is a symptom of poor tree health, not its cause.