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"The Value of a Forest"

We follow the story of multiple forest caretakers in their quest to make the forest work for everyone

the Trees and more

What does a forest mean to you?

We pose this question to people who manage the working forests of Europe. They have found solutions to problems that the rest of the world will face in the very near future.

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The added Values

Value in other things

“As a business owner, I found there are a bunch of things that get overlooked when charting a plan for the next 100 year life of a forest, things that could make the land more profitable.”

The trees

Trees are important. They bring in money. Planting the right species for the coming climate helps maximize return and minimizes risk. Because we are just learning how climate is changing in any particular place, planting a mix of trees is currently the safest strategy.


Many countries in Europe are developing a model where land owners are paid to make their forests also good for recreation. This means subsidies for managing the forest so that it remains a forest. In many EU countries, anyone has access to the forest by law. This does not impede management, and it supports appreciation for forests among people, and their understanding of forest vulnerability.


Germany and Switzerland are now the pioneers in paying foresters that manage their forest to support healthy watersheds. 


Financial incentives are popping up to support forest owners that use a bit of knowledge to maintain biodiversity. A few old trees or dead snags left after harvest are not a problem for management, yet they provide enough habitat for endangered birds and insects.

jonas stenstrom photographer